Upgrades are buildables purchaseable using gems. They are often essential in many campaign maps and multiplayer games. It is wise to prioritise in purchasing more valuable upgrades, although every upgrade is useful in its own way. The sections for Age of Fantasy and Age of World Wars are for now, regrettably nonexistent.

(AoS) Upgrades

(AoS) Upgrades

Upgrade List

Note: This data is accurate as of public version 1.132.

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Easter Egg

Fighting for the Kingdom can be glorious, but heroes Come and go. Upon winning, leaders forget the brave ones and bonds of friendship are Shattered. Getting the Throne is the only thing that counts!

Sometimes we have to break the walls, we build ourselves. Sometimes we have to take a step back. Maybe not this time.

To seek the forbidden knowledge of the future - you must step back. Not now however. Not here.

Something crumbled behind.

Get to the elder

Elder: I know what You seek, but the fate is cruel. The peace will be for one, not the whole kingdom. Let me show you.

Darien: Is that my grave? But ... No. It cannot be the fate - whatever dangers are in front - I am gonna survive. There is a lot of things to do, what must be done for peace.

Elder: You may believe, you may not. It won't change anything anyway. But please have this. Someone behind you may use it.

A golden egg? Weird. That's it. It's hidden knowledge how to contact and aquire help of mysterious CoolGuy. Sadly, it doesn't change anything. It cannot help sir Darien avoid the fate.

Elder: You won't use it, but it'll go higher up. Farewell.

(AoF) Upgrades

(AoWW) Upgrades

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