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A unit is a movable entity that can move by the owner around the map. A unit is owned by you if you train it in it's respective structures.

An archer

There are 4 major unit types in Age of Strategy and it's series:

  • Melee units
  • Ranged units
  • Cavalry units
  • Siege units
  • Melee units are units that deal damage on normal armor and most of them need to be next to their target to attack it.
  • Ranged units are units that can deal damage on pierce armor (the only exception is axe thrower) and all of them can deal damage to an enemy from distance.
  • Cavalry is good fast and strong, it is ideal against both melee and ranged units(exceptions are Pikemen, Halberdiers, Saracen Pikemen and Nile Spearmen).
  • Siege units are ideal for taking out buildings and infantry,but are very vulnerable to melee attacks.

Complete Units List

Here are complete units list for each variants:

Unit Types

There are two unit types in AoS and it's variants. Those are flesh and blood units and non-flesh and blood units.

Flesh and blood unit: Consists of living creatures like animals and humans such as swordsman, archer, knight, scout, elephant,etc. Here is a list of what effects some flesh and blood units can get:

  • Poison effect
  • Heal
  • Morale bonus
  • Camel Fear

Non-flesh and blood unit: Consists of mechanical stuff, ships, and siege weapons such as catapult, balista, warship, wagon, mantlet,etc. Here is a list of what effects non-flesh and blood unit can get:

  • Burning effect (can be stacked)
  • Can be fixed by worker
  • Some of them can be built by workers
  • Can't pass forest tile (for land units except for AoW because of it's different rules)


Cost is the number that represents how many turns you need to train chosen unit to be ready for duty. There are various costs for each unit type. Stronger units cost more than weaker units, and are slightly better for their cost. An upgraded unit's cost won't change.


Almost every unit in game have speciality. Each unit is trained with different skill or armed with different weapon to counter some unit types. You must decide which unit to train in many occasions by looking at the bonus.

This is how bonus is calculated (rounded down):

Unit's original power + (Unit's original power x bonus) = damage dealt with bonus

Counter Attack

Counter attacking is an action that can be done by almost every unit in game. Counter attacking is an attack to the attacker that was done by a unit after getting hit from a melee attacker. A unit can't counter attack a ranged unit damage(unless if attacked next to), so use ranged units to hurt enemy from far away without getting counter attacked. The amount of counter attack damage that was dealt by a defending unit is the half of that unit power and is increased by bonus. Some units have full counter attack (indicated by the full counter tag), including:

  • Shielder
  • Enforcer
  • Huskarl
  • Sai Ninja

Armor Types

There are two armor types in AoS:

Normal Armor: Hold damage dealt by melee weapons (except for axe thrower).

Pierce Armor: Hold damage dealt by ranged weapons (except for axe thrower and most siege machines).

Unit That Can't Enter Forest Tiles

Some units can't enter forest tiles, this including:

  • Chariot Archer
  • Chariot
  • Non-flesh and blood unit (the definiton of this is at the top)
  • Egyptian Swordsman
  • Egyptian Peltast
  • Egyptian Hero Swordsman
  • Nile Spearman
  • Egyptian chariot
  • Wagon
  • Siege machines 
  • Mine Carts 
  • Etc.


Active Effect: Some units can give an effect to enemy units that they attacked. This kind of effects can always be removed by certain units and will wear off after some turns. Here is a list of this kind of effects:

  • Burning=Given by fire units such as fire archers. This effect can be deadly to buildings and stacked making it more dangerous. You can remove this effect by fixing the building or ship with workers.
  • Poisoned=Given by poison units such as poison archer. This effect can't be stacked and can be removed by healing the unit with any type of healer.

Passive effect: Effect that is give by a unit in an area. This kind of effect was give automaticly by a unit and can't be removed. This effect will dissapear by itselves when you kill the unit that give the effect. Here is a list of this kind of effects:

  • High Morale=+1 power, armour, pierce armour to friendly units within range 4. Given by banner bearer, centurion, and centurion hero.
  • Camel Fear=Decrease power of mounted enemy units within range 3. Given by mameluke.
  • Drum Beat=+1 speed to friendly units within range 4. Given by drummer.
  • Low Morale= Weaken stats of an enemy unit within range 4. Given by viking berserker.
  • Fervour= +1 power, +50% resistance to friendly units. Given by Queen, Healers/Missionaries after research.


Building is an action that can be done by builder units. These units are workers and labourers. To build a building:

  • Select a builder unit.
  • Touch the icon on the right or the worker again and select a yellow bricks to choose where the building or unit will be constructed.
  • Select a building or unit to build.
  • Touch the building again to build if you enable building confirmation in the game option. (skip this if you don't enable the building confirmation).

Spell/Mental Resistance

Spell resistance is numbers that represent how hard that unit can withstand a spell from units with abilities or spellcasters (in AoF). Spell ressistance can only work for active effects that come from enemies. Some units can convert other units. These units are healers, missionaries,priest and priestess. Higher the spell ressistance of a unit, more harder for it to be converted. Spell ressistance of 100% means this unit can be converted but will have a hard time to convert a unit with inconvertable tag means it can't be converted. Here's how to convert a unit:

  • Select a converter unit. (For example : healer or missionary)
  • Touch the yellow switch icon on the bottom right and select a unit you want to convert.
  • Everytime a convert fails the spell resistance of the failed to convert unit will decrease by 25% until it becomes 100% convertable. (Stackable)

Carry Capacity

Some units got carry capacity. Carry capacity represents numbers of how many units that unit can store. In AoS everytime a carrier is killed units inside it will die except for one random survivor. This random survivor can be anyone or anything inside your carrier. Important Notes: A naval carrier won't drop any survivors. You can see all units inside a unit with capacity by double tap it. You can select a unit inside a carrier and move it to an empty tile to dismount it.

Flying Units 

A unit type that can fly and pass any kind of terrain tiles. These units can only be effectively dealt by ranged weapons. A damage dealt by melee weapons will only reduce 1 hp to the flyers. Flying units can't enter buildings or tcs. Examples:

  • Ornithopter
  • Scout Bird


Some units are inaccurate. It means that some units can't always hit it's target. There is always a chance of missing the target. The faster the unit is the harder an inaccurate unit can hit it. The miss chance can be found in the helpfile.

Here is a list of some inaccurate units in aos,aof etc.units:

  • Hangonneer (AoS)
  • Tanegashima Ashigaru(AoS)
  • Catapult Ship(AoS,AoF)
  • Cannon Ship(AoS)
  • Rock hurler (AoF)
  • Catapult (AoS)
  • Ballista(AoS)
  • Hwacha (AoS)
  • Trebuchet (AoS)
  • Cannoneer (AoS)
  • Artilleries(AoWW)
  • Katyusha(AoWW)
  • Ships(AoWW)