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The Undead are a race in Age of Fantasy that specialise in manipulating and resurrecting corpses, consisting of many supernatural and occult beings. They focus on overwhelming enemies through numbers over having strong units.


The Undead follow most rules in Age of Fantasy, with town centres and factories producing units to defeat the enemy. However, they have several unique gimmicks to aid them in this goal.

The primary ability that undead have is the re-animation of corpses, using Necromancer units such as the Lich. Corpses are generated whenever a flesh-and-blood unit is killed, which can then be resurrected into skeleton or zombie versions through Reanimate Dead. These corpses are also secondary currency for sacrifices, such as with the Skeletal Wyrm and its upgrades or the Corpse Flinger's abilities.

Undead units also naturally have greater pierce armor than other races, meaning that they can resist arrows, but suffer under axe-throwers.


The Undead have numerous sub-divisions that can be researched and recruited at various stages of the game.


One of the strongest aspects of the Undead is in the ability of their spellcasters. The most notable one is the Lich, whose Reanimate Dead has the widest range. It can also summon Skeleton Dragons, which can devastate other players when combined with Corpse Diggers. These are mostly produced in the Crypt.

Phantom Units

Phantom Units must first be researched using the Armor Possession technology in the Undead Embassy. After that, they function as a bulkier alternative to the Undead's basic infantry. These are produced in the Phantom Garrison.

Skeleton Monsters and Constructs

Skeleton Monsters are advanced replacements of Undead infantry, which are generally stronger but cannot be produced from Graveyards. These are researched in the Experimental Butchery.

Experimental Butcheries are also able to produce the two specialised siege units for Undead: The Wrecking Ball and the Corpse flinger.

Knights of the Apocalypse

In Cursed Temples and Mansions, special versions of the Undead Knight can be produced, each with different abilities and functioning as a super unit. The super knights are the Spectral Rider, Death Knight, Cursed Knight, Chilled Knight, Plague Knight and Storm Knight.

Strategies and Builds

AI Games

In a random game, you will likely have four Town Centers most of the game, which supports 5 production buildings and 2 mega buildings. In the early game, the set of five buildings should be:

  • 3 Graveyards, one of which is set to research Armored and Golden Skeletons, one which produces knights and one that produces either a Skull Thrower or Pikeman.
  • 1 Crypt for Lich
  • 1 building of any choice, preferably the Dark Altar, Phantom Garrison or another Graveyard.

Your five Town Centers should have the following productions:

  • 1 Center for workers or laborers - Transition to Skull Throwers or Banshees
  • 2 Centers for Knights
  • 1 Center for Necromancers

The main goal is to overwhelm the enemy with Golden Skeletons before turn 20, using Necromancers to continuously spawn Flesh Golems. Golden Skull Throwers can outrange Fortresses, making them vital against Humans and Orcs.


Corpses are a minor resource for Undead. It is best to trample any corpses that you may find when playing against Undead. That way, there won't be an army raised by a single Lich in the following turns.

Undead are incredibly vulnerable to a wide range of debuffs. Area damage catapults can completely mitigate the dangers of an undead army.

Quantity over quality play is incredibly vulnerable to area damage effects such as trample. Orc Shaman, Catapults, Uruk Axeman and Fireball are all deadly to an army primarily made up of skeletons.

Undead late game consists of cavalry (Spectral Riders and Death Knights). Order infantry production facilities to producing anti-cavalry during late game.


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