Structures are immovable entities that can be built by players. Structures can provide protection, unit production facility and much more. Each structures can be built by builder units. Structures are usually more armored than units and got more HP than them. All structures can be mend by worker units. By mending structures you can heal their HP and remove burning effects on them.

When a structure is attacked, the damage dealt by the attacker will be taken by the structures. This is different with TCs. Instead of the structures taking the damage, the units inside a TC get the damage..

A TC can be considered as a structure.It cannot be attacked, but can be captured.

Structure Types Edit

Each structures have different purpose from each other.

The first structure type is Factories. Factories are term that was given for all structures that can produce unit inside them. Each factory gets it's own production specialities. No factories can produce every single types of unit in game. You can only built one factory for each tcs you have. If you have 6 tcs, you can't have your 7th factory.

The second structure type is Defensive. Defensive structures are useful to barricade enemy advancement and kill enemy units. Some defensive structures are very deadly and can deal a lot of damage. Some defensive structures are completely ment for barricading enemies (such as walls). Usually defensive structures get fewer capacity than factories but can heal units inside.

Carry Capacity Edit

Similiar to some units, structure got carry capacity too. But this time almost all structures can store units inside them. Some structures can provide healing to units garrisoned inside them. A factory structure's produciton will stop if no space left for the new unit.

Weakness Edit

Unlike infantries, structures are vulnerable of fire. A fire can deal massive damage to a structure every turn while lasting and can be very deadly when stacked. Structures are also vulnerable to siege engines and anti buildings infantries. Some siege engines like catapult can deal massive damage to your structures from a distance. Protecting your structures are a high piority because structures can be vital for your unit distribution and map control.

Mega Structures Edit

Some structures consume more space than the others. These structures are called mega structures. Usually mega structures consume 2x3 tiles and have tons of hp. Mega structures usually have huge power and are able to train special unique units. Mega structures are quite vulnerable to siege engines and fire.

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