Age of Strategy Wiki

Spells/Abilities are different skills that units possess and that can make them useful in some way. There are many different kinds of spells and abilities, giving different types of effects. Detailed descriptions of most of them can be found in the helpfile. Some spells can be resisted by spell/mental resistance or other measures, which is also usually stated in the helpfile. A few spells require the research of certain technologies to use them, due to their strength. The difference between a spell and an ability is that a spell is 'visible' and is indicated by the buttons on the bottom right. An ability is 'invisible' and is not indicated by buttons; for example: construction, death touch. Note that spells deal bonus damage that is rounded up, which is different from the rounding in the helpfile.

Types of Spells/Abilities

Spells/Abilities can be divided into a few categories:

  • Recovery

This restores a friendly unit's hp. Essential for unit conservation. (e.g. Heal, Group Heal, Regeneration, Mend)

  • Strengthen

This increases the capability of units, allowing them to be more effective. Usually temporary. (e.g. Sharpen Weapon, Berzerk)

  • Weaken

This decreases the capability of units, reducing their effectiveness. Also usually temporary. (e.g. Demoralize, Excommunicado)

  • Creation

This creates a new unit or structure. Does not just apply to construction. (e.g. Build, Summon)

  • Attack

This attacks the enemy directly. Can be useful in avoiding dodging or counter attack if it deals damage. (e.g. Magical Arrow, Conversion, Stealing, Sabotage)

  • Transform

Transforms a unit into different stances. Can greatly increase unit versatility. (e.g. Change Stance)

Main Spells/Abilities

This is a list of the main Spells/Abilities:


Recovers a friendly flesh and blood unit's hp. Represented by a green cross. This effect is multiplied by the heal bonus, while particular technologies can increase the heal rate for some.


Recovers a friendly non flesh and blood unit's hp. Click on a worker (or some other builder) to use it. Worker mend rate*(1+target mend bonus) determines the mending rate for the target. Again, particular technologies can increase the mend rate for some.


Converts an enemy to your team. Indicated by two golden arrows circling above and below. The conversion chance is given as ability possibility of converter*(1-resistance of target). Each unsuccessful conversion decreases the resistance of the target unit by 25%. Converters are often religious and some can also heal.


Constructs a structure or non flesh and blood unit. Check the buildlist of a worker or other builder to see what they can construct. The construction speed is mend rate*(1+target construction bonus).