Races/Nations is a new feature added in AoF. This feature is available in AoF and AoW. In AoF it is called races while in AoW it is called nations. Each race/nation has different characteristics, structures, and units. Units and structures no longer merge into one faction like in AoS.

Races Edit

There are four races existed currently in AoF. Those are:

Humans is an all around race. Humans' speciality is in siege and naval superiority. Humans get many kind of units to counter each of enemy units. Most human units do not shine than the others, rather getting buffs to support friendly units. Humans also get one of the best workers and many ways to improve their army by techs.

Undead is a race full of non living creatures. Undead is more unique than other races. Undead can perform the special ability to summon all nearby corpses to the caster. By doing this you can instantly get an army of units for free.. Undead relies on numbers rather than quality of units. Most undead can walk in water without drowning, since they are already dead. Undead units can be very annoying for ranged units because of their high pierce armor.

Elves is a race that depend on their very fast speed and ranged units. Elves' basic units are archers. Elven archers are the best between all races. Their long range archers give them a huge advantage. Most elves are very fast. This speed can help elves to scout and gain Towns better at early game. Elves don't have a lot of strong and cheap melee units. Elves basic melee units are also weaker than other races. The cost of these melee units also expensive. Elves tech can be used to improve their army properties. The mermen help the elves in aquatic fight.

Orcs is a race that depend on quantity. Orcs is a very fertile race. Most orcs units can be trained quickly. This characteristic makes the orcs a suitable race for swarming. Orcs get special gigantic units trainable in their mega structures. These gigantic units can move on an ocean tile, since they are big enough to not drown. Most of orc's basic units are trained from orc's tent. By doing this you don't need much variety of buildings to produce many kinds of troop.

Nations Edit

There are three nations currently exist in AoW:

  • United States
  • Germany
  • Soviet Union
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