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AoS Game Mechanics

Unit Types

There are two unit types in AoS. Those are flesh and blood units and non-flesh and blood units.

Flesh and blood unit: Consisted of living creatures like animals and humans such as swordsman, archer, knight, scout, elephant,etc. Here is a list of what flesh and blood unit can get:

  • Poison effect
  • Healed by healer units
  • Morale bonus
  • Camel Fear

Non-flesh and blood unit: Consisted of mechanical stuffs, ships, and siege weapons such as catapult, balista, warship, wagon, mantlet,etc. Here is a list of what non-flesh and blood unit can get:

  • Burning effect (be careful it stacks)
  • Fixed by worker
  • Some of them are built by workers
  • Can't pass forest tiles (for land units)

Counter Attack

Counter attacking is an action that can be done by almost every unit in game. Counter attacking is an attack to the attacker that was done by a unit after get hit by a melee attacker. A unit can't counter attack a ranged unit, so use ranged units to hurt enemy from far away without getting counter attacked. The amount of counter attack damage that was dealt by a defending unit is the half of that unit power.

Unit That Can't Enter Forest Tiles

Some units can't enter forest tiles, this including:

  • Chariots
  • Land Non-flesh and blood unit (the definiton of this is at the top)
  • (Others are bugs)


Active Effect: Some units can give an effect to enemy units that they attacked. This kind of effects can always be removed by certain units and will wear off after some turns. Here is a list of this kind of effects:

  • Burning=Given by fire units such as fire archers. This effect can be stacked that make it more dangerous. You can remove this effect by fixing the unit with workers.
  • Poisoned=Given by poison units such as poison archer. This effect can't be stacked and can be remove by healing the unit with any healers.

Passive effect: Effect that is give by a unit in an area. This kind of effect was give automaticly by a unit and can't be removed. This effect will dissapear by itselves when you kill the unit that give the effect. Here is a list of this kind of effects:

  • Morale boost=+1 power to adjacent friendly units. Given by banner bearer and centurion.
  • Camel Fear=Decrease power of adjacent enemy units. Given by mameluke.
  • Drum Beat=+1 speed to adjacent friendly units. Given by drummer.
  • Low Morale=-1 power and armors to units within range. Given by viking berzerk.


Building is an action that can be done by builder units. These units are workers and labourers. To build a building:

  • Select a builders unit.
  • Touch the icon on the right or the worker again and select a yellow bricks to choose where the building or unit will be constructed.
  • Select a building or unit to build.
  • Touch the building again to build if you enable building confirmation in the game option. (skip this if you don't enable the building confirmation).


Some units can convert other units. These units are healers, missionaries,priest and priestess Higher the spell resistance of a unit, more harder for it to be converted. Spell resistance of 100% means this unit can't be converted. Each unsuccessful conversion lowers the spell resistance of a unit by 25%. To convert a unit:

  • Select a converter unit.
  • Touch the icon on the right and select a unit you want to convert.

Stealing Techs

You can steal available techs from the enemy's tcs with assassins. To steal tech you must:

  • When this unit next to an enemy's tc, click the tc to open the tc production menu.
  • Then touch the hand icon to steal techs.

Sabotage Production

Assassin can be used to sabotage the enemy's production. To sabotage a production you must:

  • Put the assassin next to an enemy tc you want to sabotage.
  • Touch the tc to open the production menu.
  • Touch the tc's production to sabotage it.

Armor Type

There are two armor types in AoS:

Normal Armor: Hold damage dealt by melee weapons (flail wielders' attack cannot be blocked by armor).

Pierce Armor: Hold damage dealt by ranged weapons (except for axe thrower and most siege machines, whose attack is blocked by armor).

Flying Units

A unit type that can fly and pass any kind of terrain tiles. These units can only be effectively dealt by ranged weapons. A damage dealt by melee weapons will only reduce 1 hp to the flyers. Flying units can't enter buildings or tcs. Currently only flying units are scout bird and ornithopter.

Terrain Effects

Some terrain can give effects to units that are on it. Roads, stone roads and deep water give greater speed, while forest gives pierce armor. Moats and trenches decrease unit stats while mountain gives sight and armour, also severly inhibiting movement.

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