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32 unit knight.png
Cost 4
HP 32
Attack 10
Range Melee (1)
Armor 2
Pierce Armor 2
Speed 5
Sight 5
Action 1/1
Spell Ressist 0%
Size 1x1
Builders Town Center, Stables
Bonuses 50% against most infantry and ranged footmen, as well as all siege weapons besides ballista. 100% against battering rams
Upgrade to
32 unit heavy knight.png
heavy knight


The Knight is one of the starting units, and does not require any gems to unlock. It is somewhat expensive, but difficult to kill. The Knight is very effective at fighting unprotected infantry and archers, although it is very vulnerable to anti-cavalry units such as pikemen and Halberdiers. Knights upgrade to heavy knights upon researching the "Knight to Heavy Knight" tech in a stable. Knights are affected by the "Cavalry Armor (1 and 2)" and "Sword Mastery (1 and 2)" techs researched at the blacksmith.

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