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Campaigns are fictional storylines comprising of a few maps. They are often the best way to gain the gems required to unlock upgrades in the upgrades section.

For all maps, it is recommended for players to activate it as a skirmish map draft (long click on incomplete map, then select appropriate button) to gain information concerning the units/structures, environment, and triggers. Unfortunately, some maps are of the old kind (TMX) and only show grassland in the draft.

Age of Strategy


These campaigns are considered easy and are meant for beginners (or as a gem source).


These campaigns are slightly harder and are meant for somewhat more experienced players.

  • Heir to the Throne
  • Viking Age
  • Two Kingdoms
  • Paths of Rome
  • Aquarias
  • Brothers War
  • Fire War
  • Rise of Namu
  • Asgeir
  • Exile
  • Grave Missions


These campaigns are again harder and meant for the most experienced players.

  • Power Creep
  • Kingdom Come
  • Puzzles
  • Maximus
  • The Rebel King
  • Suhari Kingdom
  • Owaguchuk
  • Mercenaries
  • Ambition
  • Nyadhos Strategy
  • Age of Nyadhos
  • Hornburghs Dominion
  • Prison Planet
  • Savage Story
  • Descent
  • Yaren Clan

Age of Fantasy

Age of World Wars