Age of Strategy Wiki

Age of strategy is a free turn based strategy game created by Zerotouchstystems and released on Android. There are currently 3 variants of AoS:The original Age of Strategy, Age of Fantasy, and Age of World Wars. Age of Strategy depicts battles in the Classical Eras to Late Medieval Eras. Age of Strategy features 3 game modes: Skirmish/Random Game, Campaigns/Storylines, and Multiplayer. A map editor exists in Aos and variants too. A multiplayer account is needed to play online multiplayer games and to create maps in the map editor.

There are over 300 maps and more than 150 unit types.  The game is a Retro "8-bit" game, so it is not pretty, no fancy animations, this is a pure gameplay oriented turn based strategy.


  • more than 160 Campaign maps to explore(historical ones too! eg: Battle of Troy and so on)
  • mote than 50 random maps to play
  • more than 150 units to train and use
  • more than 40 technologies to invent
  • multiplayer game (with option to coop against AI-s)
  • rewarding systems: collecting stars, collecting gems for unlocking new unit/building types.


In Standard/Random game in Age of Strategy, you start with one TC on map. You must start capturing TCs with your available units to gain more production buildings. Each TC can train many types of unit.The more TCs you have, the more units you can produce. Each TCs can provide 1 more factory building.

Everytime you complete a campaign level, you gain gems. The more star you get the more gems you get. You get more starts if you complete a campaign faster than the turn limit. 1 star = 1 gem, 2 stars = 2 gems, 3 stars = 4 gems. With these gems, you can buy upgrade items and power ups. Upgrade items are items that you can buy to gain more variety of units, structures, and techs. Upgrade items can give you more variety of strategy in your game. Power up gives you a boost in your game. You can always adjust power up use limit for a fair game. You can also adjust if upgrade items are available or not.

Before starting a match, you must choose a map and set the match in the way you want it to be.