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Age of Fantasy is the Fantasy Variant of Age of Strategy. Unlike Age of Strategy, Age of Fantasy has multiple races that each have very specific Strengths and weakness. Age of Fantasy was the first variant of Age of Strategy to be published on Google Play. The game is based heavily off of traditional and popular fantasy elements and concepts. Currently, it is considered to be in beta testing. Age of Fantasy uses the same engine as Age of Strategy and old features are included in this variant.

New Features

  • Spells on some units to buff or debuff units
  • Divide units to races for different playstyle
  • Dead units leave corpses


Unlike Age of Strategy, now all units divided into 4 races (currently). Those races are:

  • Humans
  • Elves
  • Orcs
  • Undeads

To know more about races open this wikia section Races/Nations.


Some units have ability to cast spells on friendly units or enemy's units. There are also spells that don't applied on friendly or enemy's units. Spells can be very crucial in a match. Spells can change the course of the match if you use it right. You can use spells by selecting a unit with spell(s). Then select a spell and choose your target.