32 unit swordman

The Swordsman is a basic starting unit, requiring no gems to unlock. It is a cheap, versatile fighting unit that can be built in either a town center or barracks. In numbers, swordsmen are good at destroying enemy structures and fighting other basic infantry, although cavalry, archers, and siege weapons pose serious threats to swordsmen. It upgrades to Broad Swordsman upon invention of the "Swordsman to Broad Swordsman" tech, researched in the barracks. Similarly, it is effected by the "Infantry Armor (1 and 2)" and "Sword Mastery (1 and 2)" techs researched at the blacksmith.

  • Cost: 2
  • HP: 18
  • Attack: 8
  • Range: 1
  • Armor: 0
  • Pierce Armor: 0
  • Speed: 3
  • Sight: 4
  • Action/Turn: 1/1
  • Spell Resistance: 0%
  • Size: 1x1
  • Builders: Town Center, Barracks
  • Bonuses: 200% against all defensive buildings except palaside, 100% against all factories and battering ram, 700% against castle
  • Upgrades To: Broad Swordsman
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