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The Priest is an upgrade of the healer, and it is situated on the third page, last column and last row of the Upgrades section. The priest is a support unit that can heal your units and convert enemy troops in a range of 4, as well as promoting loyalty and nullifying enemy propaganda. Further more, the priest can inspire fervor in surrounding troops after researching the tech 'fervor'. It is weak and need protection from other units because of a lack of armor although the tech 'prayer' can increase that. It can heal a maximum of 20Hp per heal, which is further increased by the techs 'medicine' and 'herbalism'. To heal a unit, first select a priest. Then touch the icon with the green cross and touch the unit you want to heal. Its skill of converting a enemy unit is very dangerous. It can easily convert a strong unit and crush you so be careful of this unit in battle. However, this can be negated by the tech 'loyalty', after which successful conversions merely reduce the unit's health to 1. The tech 'persuasion' can aid conversion, increasing the Priest's conversion possibility from a base of 55% to 70%. To convert a unit, first select a priest. Then touch the golden switch icon and touch an enemy unit to try to convert it. The conversion chance is given as (ability chance * (100% - mental resistance). Use this unit to convert strong units such as elephants. Each unsuccessful conversion lowers mental resistance by 25%, so after a few tries, the priest can convert units with high resistance like Spartan Hoplites.

  • Cost: 3
  • HP: 10
  • Attack: 3
  • Range: 1
  • Armor: 0 (+1)
  • Pierce Armor: 0 (+1)
  • Speed: 2
  • Sight: 4
  • Action/Turn: 1/1
  • Heal Rate: 20 (+2) (+2)
  • Spell Range: 4
  • Spell Possibility: 55% (+15%)
  • Spell Resistance: 50%
  • Size: 1x1
  • Builders: Town CenterChurchCathedral
  • Upgrades From: Healer