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Newbie Challenges is an easy campaign in Age of Strategy. Despite its name, it is significantly harder than the previous campaign, Beginner's Manual. Players may need Upgrades in order to complete the maps within the turn limit. This campaign consists of seven maps, of which five allow Upgrades.


This campaign does not seem to have a coherent storyline and involves the player's side fighting a series of battles with generally increasing difficulty.


Challenge - Easy

The enemy has two Guard Towers and a Chapel along the road. They also have two Guard Towers, a Barracks and a Town Centre inside the palisade to the northwest (can only be reached along the road). There is also an extra Town Centre to the right of the road hidden by some rocks. Build two factories with produced workers, research upgrading technologies and train units suitable for dealing with infantry and structures from all four factories (two TCs, two small factories. Well, you can build an additional mega building if you want.) Recommended unit: (Heavy) Zweihander Wielder

Challenge - Normal

The enemy has four swordsmen outside the wall and two Guard Towers, a Barracks, a Town Centre and a Spartan Hoplite within it. Again, train units suitable for dealing with structures and infantry.

Challenge - Hard

Train units suitable for dealing with structures and infantry. You can easily overwhelm central TC within ten turns. Yellow has a primitive hut to the far northwest of the map (only reachable through green territory).

Challenge - Very Hard

Train appropriate counters to attacking units. Do not venture out of the fortifications, the enemy has Cannon Towers. Without moving or training units you can already survive for 12 turns.

Challenge - Easy 2

Units move quickly to destroy structures and capture towns, eliminating resistance along the way. Factories have a higher priority for destruction than defensive structures.

Challenge - Normal 2

Advance quickly, capture towns and destroy factories. Train structure destroying infantry and light cavalry. Heal more than convert.

Challenge - Hard 2

First, delete your rock to get information about what to train. Build a Barracks and also train units that destroy structures as well as an assassin. Advance northeast and take the nearest TC. Kill the axe thrower that spawns. Take the TC across the river through the ice. Advance northward and take the other TC, which has at least an elite axe thrower in it. Kill the leader with an assassin, and the others with the recommended units. If you want most of them to be disabled, do not take the nearest TC. Take the southernmost one but do not get within five squares of the central TC with the Prince and not within four squares for normal melee units. Use normal melee units within four squares of the central TC to not let the axe thrower within leave and kill the axe thrower with long-ranged 'instinct' attacks (not within sight, automatic attacks. Recommended unit: Longbowman. Do not let it get within five squares of the TC.) Take the other available TCs and kill the leader with assassin first. The enemy factories and towers will still not be disabled though... After the axe thrower is dead (has 19 hp, takes 7 damage from Longbowman, but heals 4 hp every turn), take the newly vacated TC and kill the other disabled units before entering the nearest TC and defeating the spawned axe thrower. To get information on the placement of the central TC, it is recommend to activate the map as a skirmish map draft.