32 unit broad swordman

The broad swordsman is an upgrade for the swordsman, upon researching the "Swordsman to Broad Swordsman" tech in a barracks. The tech itself can be bought with gems in the main menu. Besides minor stat changes and a new image, broad swordsmen are not greatly different than a normal swordsman. However, broad swordsmen are noticeably more effective, and can be difficult to battle without sufficient ranged backup. They are affected by the "Infantry Armor (1 and 2)" and "Sword Mastery (1 and 2)" techs researched at the blacksmith. Furthermore, broad swordsmen can be upgraded to men-at-arms, by researching the "Broad Swordsman to Man-at-arms" tech at a barracks. This makes the swordsman troop tree unique, as it is the only one that contains three tiers.

  • Cost: 2
  • HP: 21
  • Attack: 11
  • Range: 1
  • Armor: 0
  • Pierce Armor: 0
  • Speed: 3
  • Sight: 4
  • Action/Turn: 1/1
  • Spell Resistance: 0%
  • Size: 1x1
  • Builders: Town Center, Barracks
  • Bonuses: 200% against all defensive structures except palaside, 100% against factories and battering rams, 700% against castles
  • Upgrades From: Swordsman
  • Upgrades To: Man-at-arms
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