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Beginner's Manual is considered to be the easiest campaign in Age of Strategy and is intended to be an extension of the tutorial, whereby players will learn the basic mechanics and strategies of the game. The campaign has a total of five maps and can be easily winnable by adopting basic strategy.


The player is acting on the side of 'Red', a rising power in impending conflict with 'Blu', the dominant power controlling the region.

In the initial battle 'Red' appeared to be outmatched, before utilising effective counters and completely turning the tide on the 'Blu' army and navy, removing their influence from the southern regions. 'Red' also appeared to have acquired a castle in the process.

The winning of this battle put 'Red' in a position to assault the main 'Blu' base to the north. With effective siege machines and a sizeable military, the 'Red' army defeated the larger 'Blu' garrison guarding the fort. However, much of the base was destroyed in the process which rendered the fort as a long term base for 'Red' useless.

'Blu' still had a significant force which was intended to reinforce the base which outnumbered the men 'Red' had in the destroyed fort. However, the 'Red' soldiers were individually superior in combat to the 'Blu' soldiers and had supporting workers and healers backing them, allowing them to break through and defeat the advancing force.

Due to unforseen circumstances the Fortification and Siege construction team made it to the scene of an attack long before the main 'Red' force arrived there. By then, the 'Blu' attack was repelled due to the defensive structures, siege machines ,and barracks built by the team.

The construction team had built defensive walls around the 'Red' army during the night, perhaps to repell and protect the army from any 'Blu' attacks. However, when the 'Blu' attack came in the morning, the army found its progress hampered by the same walls its builders had built last night. Fortunately they were easily demolished, allowing the army to defeat the 'Blu' attack and maintain local dominance in the short term.


This campaign is considered easy, with three stars easily achievable through following the instructions provided by the map description.

Map 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Attack galleys with triremes. Attack knights with spearmen and swordsmen. When archers spawn, attack them with spawned skirmishers, remaining spearmen/swordsmen and remaining triremes.

Map 2: Siege Strategy

Transform trebuchets inside castle to packed mode and move them near the battlefield (transform into stand mode the next turn). Train any unit in the castle (optional). Transform catapult to packed mode and move it near the battlefield (transform into stand mode the next turn). Attack enemy units with knights, archers, swordsmen and any other attack unit. Workers build towers and barracks. Trebuchets and catapults shoot into mass of enemy units and towers. Destroying walls are not needed and are mostly a waste of attacks.

Map 3: Let It Mend

Build guard towers, catapults, barracks with worker and attack invading troops with shielders. Try using healers to convert invading troops instead of healing.

Map 4: Unarmed, Not Defenseless

Build guard towers, catapults and barracks with workers. Try to kill archers first.

Map 5: Break Out

Delete surrounding walls, defeat surrounding enemies using appropriate counters learnt in first map.